Leadership and Management Development
Unleashing the potential and energy of people


Coaching is one of the most popular and most effective personal and professional development approaches in our fast paced changing environment to increase personal and professional performance.

Coaching is a action oriented creative learning process, driven by an effective and confidential relationship between coach and client, with the aim to improve a client’s personal and professional performance in a particular context.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Small group coaching
  • Entrepreneur coaching
  • Sales performance coaching
  • Life coaching

Depending on the context and clients needs, coaching can be combined with a 360° assessment/ Peili™ which provides a behavioural mirror on current leadership behaviours of the client.

The Coaching Process
One of the fundamental drivers in successful coaching is the commitment by the client to take agreed, forward moving steps between each coaching session.

Coaching works most effectively when it is scheduled as a series of one-to-one sessions, lasting approximately 60-90 minutes, on a weekly basis or every two weeks. This is frequent enough to maintain momentum, and gives enough time between sessions for the client to transfer his learning´s and implement the agreed actions.

Coaching is conducted on a one to one basis by appointment, Skype™ or phone. André is trained to listen in an extraordinary way, so coaching over the phone works exceedingly well.
Coaching is a flexible process which will always be uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual client and context.

Leadership Coaching 
Leadership coaching provides a quality time out for Leaders in the corporate world to reflect on their professional performance and interaction with colleagues, teams and clients with the help of an external Coach. 

  • Improve your self awareness and personal impact
  • Expand your organizational leadership capabilities
  • Communicate to inspire and get results
  • Develop coaching skills to more effectively coach and develop others

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is suitable for teams that just have started working together and who are interested to find ways how to improve their co-operation. Peer group coaching is a different form of small group coaching and does focus on enabling learning from peers through group reflection and sharing of experiences.

Entrepreneur Coaching 
Entrepreneur coaching focuses first and foremost on the professional development of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to maximise their efficiency in the context of business. 

  • Improve performance to create better business results
  • Establish trustworthy relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Learn to use coaching skills with employees and clients
  • Identify different approaches and strategies to tackle business issues
  • Stay focused and motivated

Sales Performance Coaching 
Sales coaching supports Sales Professionals in closing the deal and establishing long term sustainable customer relationships. The focus is clearly on taking action and getting things done.

  • Become more effective in your customer interaction
  • Develop a massive sales action plan
  • Built sustainable customer relationships
  • Achieve your targets and sales goals

Life Coaching
Life coaching deals with your personal development goals as the centre of attention which direct and guide the coaching process.

  • Better work life balance
  • Improved sense of direction and focus
  • Increased self- awareness
  • Improved physical and mental well being
  • Have a more fulfilled life, not just a better life style
  • Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  • Improved personal effectiveness
  • Discover what you really want and how to achieve it

Management Team Development

BlueCoachs experience has shown that many management teams are not really a team but rather a group of highly skilled professionals. Having an effective management team which does think, act and perform as a team is crucial to create a more efficient and capable business.

Management team development requires clarity and commitment for:

  • The role of the management team
  • Management team skill sets
  • Building the team
  • Training and development of managers
  • Professional performance measurement
  • Ways of working

Due to the strong need of customizing a management team development process BlueCoach provides a range of interventions like personal interviews, 360 feedback, Peili™/Mirror behavioural assessment, a series of workshops, individual and/or team coaching.


The BlueCoach training approach is tangible, measurable and combines best practices with extensive research from the areas of organizational learning and professional development.

BlueCoach takes into consideration that every organization is different and that each client needs customized trainings to meet their specific, and sometimes complex, requirements. Therefore the following trainings  will be customized and formated around your needs.

  • Leadership training
  • Coaching training
  • Influencing skills training
  • Sales competence training

Leadership Training

Being an effective and authentic leader requires not only business knowledge and a broad perspective of the development of the organization, but also interpersonal and management skills.
Participants will be able to:

  • Use different leadership styles depending on individual skills and
  • Help others achieve their maximum potential
  • Master coaching techniques to manage performance
  • Understand good leadership behaviours
  • Motivate others by establishing trust and communication
  • Practice effective interpersonal communication
  • Lead by example

Coaching Training
This training takes the best practices and approaches of coaching professionals and addresses Managers, Leaders and HR`s real issues, ambitions and challenges at the workplace. It focuses on building authentic, one-on-one relationships, helping participants to develop the capability of coaching employee´s throughout the workplace.
Participants will be able to:

  • Understand what coaching is and what it is not
  • Know who to coach, when to coach, and how to coach
  • Identify and practice the skills necessary for coaching
  • Know their own coaching strengths and development opportunities
  • Develop coaching relationships with those they manage and lead
  • Inspire and empower their staff to reach enhanced levels of performance

Influencing Skills Training
This training focuses on developing the participant's fundamental communication and interaction skills, the foundation to constructive and successful internal and external relationships. Success and results depend on people´s ability to built trust, to interact and understand each other.
Participants will be able to:

  • Identify their major influencing style
  • Effectively use questions to open up dialogue and obtain information
  • Improve their active listening skills
  • Use effectively non-verbal communication
  • Understand and manage conflict  
  • To establish rapport and build trust

Sales Competence Training
Sales Professionals develop a specific action plan for managing their key customer relationships, work intensively on their customer cases and their own personal and professional development plan and practice effective client interaction techniques.
Participants will be able to:

  • Feel more confident when approaching, and presenting to, top level decision makers
  • Learn about trust as the foundation for long term client relationships
  • Identify the range of needs and wants at different levels of the client´s organisation
  • Present and develop client cases in a most appropriate learning environment
  • Learn and practice hand on tools for successful customer interaction
  • Developed an action plan to progress a current prospect/client account

Organizational Culture 

Hofstede Model and Denison Consulting™

  • How aligned is your culture with  the strategic objectives of your  organization?
  • What elements of your culture are functional and what elements are hindering the strategy to become alive? 

BlueCoach holds an Hofstede™ organizational culture practioner certificate and is as well a certified Denison Organizational Cultue Consultant.

The organizational culture process usually starts with a cultural online survey of the organization generating reports for the Management Team, selected Business Units and the overall organization. 

Through a series of workshops the organizational culture will be defined in conjunction with a analysis of the results from the organizational culture survey.

As a result of the organizational culture process the organization will know how functional the current culture is, to what degree it is aligned with the strategy and what actions to take in order to create an optimal organizational specific culture.