Are you in need of a energetic Speaker...

André is a passionate, highly energetic Speaker with a good sense of humor, who is popular for his high impact speeches which touch, move and inspire people. He is a long term member of Toastmasters Internationalâ„¢, a international public speaking club.

Below you find three example speeches which will always be customized to your audience and context. The speeches are interactive, involve the audience from the first minute and last from 60-120 minutes.


Trust is the foundation of any basic healthy interaction with yourself and others. It is the foundation for being successful in your private and professional life.

How much trust do you have in yourself that you can accomplish, what ever you want to accomplish? What are you doing already well and what can you do even better to increase the trust in yourself?

What about your relationships, how do you maintain and sustain the trust in your relationships, at work and at home?

This speech will provide clarity, increase the awareness of the importance of trust and introduce a practical framework which can be applied right away.

"You choose"

The choices you make determine how you feel and what you feel will influence your reactions to what you experience and lead to new actions.

Do you always choose consciously what kind of meaning you attach to what is happening to you, certainly not?! But, do you always have a choice to attach any kind of meaning to what is happening to you, YES, indeed you have!

This speech does focus on enabling people to make more quality choices in their life, by consciously choosing meaning and action.

"I see a Tiger,

 I think I am in danger,

I feel afraid,

I run away."

What makes you run away in the first place? :-)

"The person in your seat"

Is there anybody else but you who is more responsible for yourself than the person in your seat?

Easy answer: NO

But, how comes that we make at times, others or the circumstances in which we are living responsible for how we feel and where we are in our life's?

Easy answer: Outsourcing is cheaper

How would it be, if we take a closer look of what YOU really want for yourself and identify what it takes from the person in your seat to achieve it?

Easy answer: GREAT

This speech does strongly encourage people to take responsibility and action for what they want in their personal and professional life.

I am looking forward to meet YOU!